Environmental Paradise or Dystopian Debacle? Promise and Peril of Futuristic Island Communities (Commentary)

By Nikolas Kozloff

Today’s utopianists believe we should build structures that float on the ocean instead of continuing to build on land and modern-day ‘aquapreneurs’ say we can solve housing problems by spreading out across the water.

There’s a surge in floating settlements in places like the Netherlands where it’s already a reality, and the U.N., too, is discussing these probabilities to solve housing shortages and rising sea levels among other issues.

Nikolas Kozloff, an American academic, author and photojournalist, brings up the drawbacks of the housing’s high price on these islands, the use of environmentally-destructive crypto-currency, anti-vaxxers finding these islands advantageous, and the push for right-wing libertarian ‘techno’ vision of societies.

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